The Beerfly Alleyfight


Beerfly Alleyfight

The Beerfly Alleyfight Happened!!!!


Congrats to Lori Keller of Square Kegs and Micheala Petro who won best overall pairing!!!


The ORIGINAL craft beer event, before there was ever a craft beer week in Chicago celebrated it's 9th year! 
























The VS Show


Starting May 23rd it's...




4pm at the Drinking & Writing Theater!!!


Tickets available at the door or click HERE!!!

What is VS?


VS is the newest show from the Drinking & Writing Theater, a drag out, beat down, last man standing competition of art. Two teams of local artists will represent a different side of the VS and compete head to head, round by round, to determine which side reigns. The first show, Drinking VS Writing opens Saturday May 23rd, 4pm for a 4 week run at the Drinking & Writing Theater @ Haymarket Pub and Brewery, 737 W. Randolph. This is not a debate. Teams of artists will perform original art, dance, song, monologue, sketch, scene or short video, inspired by one side of the versus and performed on stage for audience interpretation. Lead by The Drinking & Writing Theater founders and Neofuturists alumni Steve Mosqueda and Sean Benjamin, VS will be an ongoing show with new topics and new teams of artists competing against one another. Following Drinking VS Writing future shows include "Dr Who VS The Who", "Richard J VS Richard M" and "Monk VS Punk". 

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VS Show

Opening July 11th... Green Lantern VS Green Dayimage





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